Rebuilding Hope in Tacloban

While we share our devotionals around the world on radio and the internet, Guidelines also has special projects known as Community Radio Stations. These stations are strategically built in places where there is no other Christian voice on radio.

In 2013, Typhoon Yolanda devastated the Philippines. Guidelines had radio equipment that we were able to send to Tacloban, one of the cities that was hardest hit.

Through local partnerships, we were able to set up a makeshift radio station that broadcast critical emergency information. In the midst of chaos, that radio station brought clarity. In the midst of despair, it brought hope.

As Tacloban rebuilt over the years, that radio station continued broadcasting Christian messages of hope along with practical community advice.

In 2018, Guidelines helped establish that radio station permanently in the city of Tacloban. Local pastors and community leaders help voice the various programs that are aired.

The radio station that once brought hope in the midst of a storm continues to heal a community that is rebuilding. That’s the power of Community Radio Stations.

This is one of the many Community Radio Stations that we have planted. Will you help us reach more people with the message of Jesus by donating to plant the next one?

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