Kazakh Language Launched During Lockdown

We started 2020 with a bold vision to broadcast Guidelines devotionals in 20 total languages around the world. Already broadcasting in 17 languages, we sought to add 3 more: French, an ethnic Chinese language, and Kazakh.

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, we weren’t sure if that vision could still carry on.

With your generosity and God’s faithfulness, we were able to translate and start broadcasting in Kazkah in April. Due to quarantine restrictions, our radio broadcaster partner in Kazakhstan had to temporarily close their offices but the Kazakh programs continued to stream online 24/7.

Since online broadcasting began, here is a recent response from Sandugash, a listener in Kazakhstan:

“Your broadcast about God’s plan for each one of us was of encouragement to me. When I was only about 6 years old, I overheard terrible things that I should not have been born in the first place. I don’t remember much of who was talking about it. However, I vividly remember my mother being there and not saying anything. I never got over those comments and always felt like I was a mistake and not worth living. I always hoped that I would not wake up in the morning. But now I guess God has a good plan for me as well.”

You are bringing the hope of Jesus to people who are in despair.

There are still 2 more languages to launch this year. Will you help us push forward and complete the task God has set before us? Your donation will help further the translation of these 2 remaining languages, as well as sustain the existing 18 languages that we are broadcasting in.

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