From Depression to Compassion

This season has been difficult for everyone. There are so many different crises happening in the world and it can be overwhelming. People are experiencing a wide range of emotions, especially depression.

Guidelines has been creating devotionals with the intention of helping people work through the struggles they have and point them towards God.

We recently received a message from Denada, a listener in Albania:

I was listening to the program and the message was so powerful. I have been very depressed during the lock down. I’m at risk of losing my job and our future is very unstable. I was so down and struggling.

Like many people, Denada is dealing with challenges that the pandemic has brought. With her job and future in jeopardy, its’ understandable why she would be depressed. But hearing a Guidelines program shifted her entire perspective.

But the message of the program hit me and changed the focus from “me and my problems” to other people. I know a lot of people who are struggling for their daily bread. I have food in the house, I have stored enough for a few months. The Lord has provided for us. So many of them do not have anything to feed their children. I have a lot of clothes and utensils I do not use. I decided to cook an extra meal for the school friends of my son. I cannot describe the joy in my heart. Thank you for these powerful devotions, these messages of wisdom and Joy. Thank you for helping me know my God and represent my God well. Our God reigns even in the midst of COVID-19.

Isn’t that incredible? Rather than focusing on her problems, Denada is grateful and looks for opportunities to serve. God is using Guidelines programs to heal her and the community around her.

That’s the impact that you’re making. Every listener isn’t just one life changed – it’s many lives changed through the actions they take.

Will you help heal people and make an exponential impact by donating?

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