American Prisoners Find Redemption in Bible Studies

In addition to daily devotionals that are available to read or listen to, Guidelines also provides downloadable Bible studies. These Christian resources are freely available, and God chooses to use them to reach people in many unexpected and wonderful ways.

We recently received a message from Jonathan and Don, who are chaplains at a prison in Ohio. They print out our Bible studies and distribute them to the men they are ministering to. Jonathan told us:

Thank you so very much for this material. Certainly, the Spirit led me to this at just the right time. The men who are going through the materials are eager and excited. Your approach to the study has been very practical, and that has helped us greatly in bringing a number of men on board as we seek to create a community of men who are interested in following Christ, instead of simply attending another class. We have encouraged a small group approach, as the guys review the materials together. The way you have put this together helps us greatly in avoiding any one person becoming a “star.” Instead, they can all have something to share, equally, and then work together on the practical applications.

These Bible studies have been an incredibly helpful tool for these chaplains to use in their ministry. But are they actually beneficial for the prisoners doing the Bible studies?

We have had around 45 men complete volume 1, and many are moving on to volume 2, while others are staying back to bring 40 more, new people along in the first volume. I have distributed nearly 200 copies, and have used these in several discipling situations as well. Men are beginning to ask me how they can get a copy, and groups are beginning to pop up in the other dorms, too. We can see how the lesson structure will work for us, through all 6 volumes. All of these will be effective in building the bases of a strong Christian character. Thanks again for your hard work in putting this together!

As you can see, these Bible studies are taking on a life of their own! Not only are the prisoners participating in them, but they are forming their own Bible study groups and helping to lead others. It’s the Word of God that is active and sharp, convicting hearts and transforming lives!

Will you help create more Bible studies so people in the US and around the world can experience the Word of God?

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