What Persecuted Christians Want Most From You

Estimates say that over three billion people today have little to no knowledge of Jesus and have never heard the Good News. These same people have almost no chance of hearing Jesus’s invitation of forgiveness and salvation before they die unless something changes. Shockingly, few church resources are available to reach these people and less than 30% of the church today even considers this urgent. 

So how are you saying “yes” to Jesus’s command to take this Good News throughout all the earth?

While the need for missionaries is urgent, each pioneering missionary needs a support network. Small, local churches in unreached nations need prayer, encouragement, and resources. Their work, growth, and ability to thrive depend on a global church coming together to display the generosity and love of Jesus. 

Earlier this year, we introduced you to Soner. Soner leads a Christian radio network in Turkey, supporting small churches and discipling those interested in learning more about Jesus. Soner recently shared a surprising request with us.. More than anything else, he and his team want encouragement. Like many Christians living under persecution, Soner has paid and continues to pay a high cost to follow Jesus 

He faces threats and rejection from all of his community, a normal reality for Christians in the Middle East. So how can you support Soner and the 5,000 Turkish Christians in a nation of 85 million Muslims? Soner says:

Money is important and support is important. But MORE than that, we need to feel we are a family. We need to know and be sure that you pray for us. And please, not just praying. Please share with us! Let us know that people are praying for us. If you have any encouraging words, please send them to us. If you see a dream or receive a word from God, share them with us. I think those are more important than other things because we don’t want to feel that we are alone in Turkey. The Bible says that we are one family. Everywhere, in every country, we are one family. We are the body of God. That is why [we ask you to] please pray for us and send your thoughts, your ideas, your encouragement, and your wisdom. Don’t forget us! 

And followers of Jesus around the world responded! Immediately, you began writing in, sharing verses, words of comfort, encouragement, and love. It is an honor to relay your messages to this growing young church and to witness the impact of your support.

Hear Soner’s response to your words. 

Remember, you are a part of a support network that fuels missions, strengthens persecuted believers, and helps take the Good News to the ends of the earth. If you want to continue to leave messages of encouragement for pioneering Christians living in hostile nations, visit this page. Your words will be relayed to followers of Jesus facing crisis and hostility worldwide. And like Soner shared, your words have the power to remind Christians who have lost everything for the sake of Christ that they are not alone

So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.
– 1 Thessalonians 5:11 

Join us and share Jesus’s love in the Muslim world.

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