A Legacy of Faithfulness and Impact

Guidelines International Ministries is a small ministry with a big God. In 1963, a young minister and his wife drove up into the Rockies of Colorado for some mountain air and and some time to pray. “How,” they asked God, “can we reach people most effectively with the message of the Gospel?” Harold & Darlene Sala believed that the answer was clear: “Use radio. This will enable you to touch lives of people wherever they are around the world and where missionaries cannot go.”

At that time, most Christian radio programming consisted of preaching but Harold knew if a person wasn’t in church already, they would be unlikely to tune into a sermon. Trying something new, Harold began to produce a 5-minute commentary targeting the person on the street, not in church—the person who has an emptiness in his heart and doesn’t know how to connect with God.

Guidelines—A Five-Minute Commentary on Living, was the first 5-minute Christian radio program and it’s now the longest running 5-minute commentary on-air. Reaching people exactly where they are and relating the truth of the Gospel to the real issues of life has proven to be effective for over 50 years now.A unique aspect of the Guidelines ministry has been our commitment to being entirely non-commercial. We pray for provision and minister as God provides.

Continue the legacy of expanding God's Kingdom