Are You Hiding from God? - Guidelines Devotional
January 15, 2021

Are You Hiding from God?


Speaker: Bonnie Sala | Series: Reset | But the Pharisees and the lawyers rejected God’s purpose for themselves, not having been baptized by John. Luke 7:30


One of the best things about God’s Word is that it tells us about real people with real flaws and shows how God deals with them. Take Saul, for example. The tallest and most handsome man in Israel, the Bible says that God called him to be Israel’s first king. (1 Samuel 10:9)

Coronation day arrived, but at the big moment, Saul was nowhere to be found!  So the people asked the Lord, “‘Where is he?'” And God pointed Saul out: “He is hiding among the baggage.” There, crouching on the ground behind bags and bundles, was the fine-looking man who stood head and shoulders above anyone else: God’s choice to be king over His chosen people.   Hiding among the baggage.

We’ve all been there.  Are you hiding? Avoiding doing something uncomfortable–whether large or small, that God has purposed for you, has called you to do?  Maybe it’s offering that homeless man at the corner a bag lunch, babysitting for a single mom or offering forgiveness to someone who has wronged you. Are you hiding from the purpose God has for you among the baggage of your life? Even after God has called us into relationship with Him, we may still experience fear, doubt, but God can still use us.   Stop hiding and say “yes” to letting him put His perfect plan into action in your life today!

Resource reading:  1 Samuel 10:9-25

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