Asking For Eyes That See - Guidelines Devotional
November 22, 2021

Asking For Eyes That See


Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law. Psalm 119:18

I met a friend in person for the first time; she’s a vibrant woman who exudes Jesus’ love.  Patricia has been a nurse and educator for over 50 years in New York City.  As she shared her story with me, I was struck by the way racism had affected her life as a black woman—like the time a patient kicked her, screaming “Get away from me!” when she tried to care for the woman. I would have never seen that wound in my friend.  How many times, I wondered, have I been blind to much in the lives of those around me?

We can also be spiritually blind, which occurs when we’re unable or unwilling to recognize truth; Jesus longs to heal us of all blindness.

After Jesus’ death and resurrection, two of His friends were traveling in miserable spirits. They didn’t understand what had happened to Jesus. The Apostle Luke records, “As they talked and discussed these things with each other, Jesus himself came up and walked along with them; but they were kept from recognizing him” (Luke 24:15-16).  When the travelers lamented their struggles, the unrecognizable Jesus explained His own resurrection in terms they could understand.

Over dinner together, Luke says, “When he was at the table with them, he took bread, gave thanks, broke it and began to give it to them. Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him” (Luke 24:30-31).

The more that we are with Jesus, the more our eyes will be opened, both spiritually and to those around us.


Resource reading: Luke 24:1-35

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