God's Provision In Your Pain - Guidelines Devotional
May 21, 2021

God’s Provision In Your Pain


The Lord is near to the brokenhearted, and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18

When it comes to pain, human beings generally have but one inclination:  avoid it.  We numb it with work, alcohol, substances, and other unhealthy behaviors, so often ending up in a prison of pain.

There are many accounts, however, of pain and painful circumstances in the raw honesty of the Bible. But the Bible says that the pain that God allows in the life of a disciple of Jesus Christ is not without purpose, no matter how much you or I may not want to hear that (2 Corinthians 12:9). The purpose in the pain that God allows, is nothing short of revelation of Jesus Christ Himself.

As I entered adulthood, I asked God to please, just give me a peaceful life.  But God loved me more than I loved Him, and so, the portion He allowed for my life was one of deep pain…and yes, revelation of Jesus Himself.  In quiet times of desperate pain-filled prayer, Jesus spoke through His Word.  He revealed Himself by the name, El Roi, which means He sees and He hears (Genesis 16).  I came to know and love Jesus in a way that I never would have, absent the pain.

Many have come to this same place.  “And when they heard that the Lord was concerned about them and had seen their misery,” the book of Exodus says about the children of Israel, “they bowed down and worshiped” (Ex. 4:31). He sees and hears you today in your pain.  Look closely, Jesus is there.


Resource Reading:  Isaiah 53:4-5

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