The Secret To Navigating Tough Times - Guidelines Devotional
July 13, 2020

The Secret To Navigating Tough Times


Speaker: Darlene Sala | Series: Encouraging Words | When circumstances are tough, our natural tendency is to focus on the problem. We struggle to get ourselves out of the dilemma were in. And in trying to solve our difficulty, the problem begins to occupy nearly all of our attention. Soon we hardly believe that even God can fix it. We forget that Psalm 23 tells us, “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.”

Listen to the words of Bible teacher F. B. Meyer, who, although he lived 150 years ago, spoke with much wisdom. The style of writing is not the same as the way we would say it today, but the message is so applicable to our difficult times.

Unbelief fixes its gaze on men, and things, and likelihoods, and possibilities, and circumstances. Faith will not concern herself with these…. Her eye is fixed steadfastly on her Lord; and she is persuaded, that He is well able to supply all her need, and to carry her through all difficulties….

Your sorrows have been multiplied…by looking at difficulties…. Now cease from all this…. But think of the love, the might, and the wisdom, of the Shepherd. Might that made the worlds! Wisdom that named the stars! Your salvation does not depend on what you are, but on what He is. For every look at self, take ten looks at Christ. Tell us no more of your tears, your failures, or your sins; but tell us, oh tell us, of the all-sufficiency of Jesus….[1]

Facing a huge problem? What are you focusing on? Your dilemma—or the God who is bigger than any dilemma you and I may face? Focus on the Shepherd, who has promised to meet our every need.

[1] F. B. Meyer, DD, The Shepherd Psalm (London and Edinburgh: Marshall, Morgan & Scott Ltd.n.d.) 9, 10.


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