Devotionals Strengthen Missionary to Muslims

After Albania went from communist, atheist rule to a democracy in 1990, Mirlinda became one of the first Christians in the country.

It wasn’t easy for her though. With freedom of religion relatively new, there were virtually no Christian resources. Albania also quickly became a majority-Muslim country, so Mirlinda was in the minority.

Yet Mirlinda’s faith grew, and she became a missionary to Turkey, sharing the gospel among Muslim communities. She is currently serving in Instanbul.

Turkey is also a Muslim-majority country, so her work is difficult and lonely.

Mirlinda relies on online streaming programs from a radio station in Albania – Radio Emanuel. Guidelines partners with Radio Emanuel to share daily devotionals, which have helped encourage Mirlinda. She shares with us:

The radio ministry and the radio sermons, programs and testimonies have guided me to continue to walk in the Lord. I have listened for about one year to “Guidelines For Living” short programs. The programs have helped me understand more of God’s love and care of His children in every situation. These practical programs have lifted my soul up, and have encouraged me to go through challenges and trials.

Guidelines devotionals not only reach the unreached, they also help support the faith of believers doing on-the-ground evangelism like Mirlinda. This Easter, Christian programming plays an even role in sharing the Good News of salvation in Jesus:

The Easter Season has been a huge blessing for me. The radio ministry is doing a great outreach to reach people wherever they live and work. The radio signal can reach the deepest and the remotest areas of our region and through the online streaming all Albanian can listen to Radio Emanuel worldwide. God uses different means to declare His Word, and His salvation, and His Kingdom. I hope that people are being blessed by listening to Radio Emanuel, and I hope they are challenged to walk with Jesus Christ, to surrender their lives to Him, and walk as His disciples. I pray you will continue to reach people with sound programs. Our nation is in great need of hear the message of peace and salvation.

Mirlinda’s life has forever been changed by the power of the resurrection, and she has dedicated her life to telling that story. When she is discouraged, she relies on programs like “Guidelines For Living” to encourage her.

Those programs are made possible by generous supporters who stand with Mirlinda.

Will you help encourage other missionaries like Mirlinda by ensuring these programs continue daily?

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