Join the Prayer Team

Transform Lives Globally, Right Where You Are

The most important part of any mission is hearing from God and following his lead. That means the most important role you can play in Guidelines is prayer.

Guidelines was started on prayer and continues to move through prayer – we rely on God for everything!

We are transforming lives and societies with the message for Jesus, and we encounter a lot of opposition along the way. We can’t do it if we’re not in tune with God.

By joining our prayer team, you prepare the way for the light of Jesus to work in the hearts of people trapped in the darkness of their societies and governments.

As you get timely updates direct from the field of how God is working and the challenges we face, you also commit to praying on our behalf for the lives of people we are impacting.

To join our prayer team, you commit to:

  • Reading the prayer updates from the field that we send you (every 2-3 weeks)
  • Praying regularly for the work that God is doing through Guidelines (at least once a week)
  • Listening to God during prayer, and sharing with our team anything He places on your heart

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