Language That Speaks to the Heart


Language is a powerful tool that connects people, conveys ideas, and creates culture. Our heart language is the first language we learn to speak when we grow up, sitting on our mother’s knee. The role of heart languages in sharing the gospel message cannot be underestimated. In fact, the response to the gospel increases 4x when it’s shared in the heart language of the person receiving it. Our radio partner in Mongolia shares:

Creating biblical, gospel, and devotional programs in our own language and distributing those programs via media platforms is a privilege and yet a simple way to share the Good News among the Mongolians. I really love my job with this ministry. Guidelines’ programs are really encouraging and heart-changing programs to listen to and to learn from. Thank you for making such valuable programs and giving us also this opportunity to learn and share with others.

As followers of Christ, when we share the gospel message, we don’t ask unreached people to learn a new language or change their culture before they hear the good news. We take it to them in the language they first learned from their mothers.

Many who hear the Guidelines devotional programs for the first time in their own language often say they didn’t know God could even speak their language. And in parts of the world where people are primarily oral learners, hearing the love of Jesus in their language tells them that He knows them deeply and truly understands them.

Visit the Guidelines language page to learn about the languages in which Guidelines devotionals are being broadcast. Explore the work being done and support so the gospel can be shared in new languages, so all may hear.

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