Looking Ahead to Japan

Japan is considered one of the largest most unreached people group in the world, second only to the global deaf-speaking population.

It is estimated that only 1.5% of Japanese are followers of Jesus. Most people have never been invited to follow Christ, and discipleship programs barely exist. The highly urbanized and disconnected lifestyle leaves people feeling lonely, sometimes depressed, and even suicidal. There is a desperate need for the gospel to be preached in the Japanese language and churches to be planted all throughout Japan.

Through an opportunity to have Guidelines’ life-changing devotionals translated into Japanese for five popular secular radio stations, 895,000 listeners will be reached weekly.

These five stations broadcast in and around the city of Fukushima, the area where both a nuclear plant disaster took place and where a devasting tsunami made landfall in 2011. Utilizing secular stations to share the gospel message by broadcasting short, impactful devotionals is a very effective way of introducing people to the love of Jesus and you can make that happen.

You can join this movement and declare Jesus’s love in Japan, where many people have never heard the story of His forgiveness. Your prayers and financial gifts will deliver the message of hope to this hurting nation.

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