Albanian Listener Shares Her Story


Valbona listens to Guidelines devotionals in her heart language of Albanian. She shared with us that radio is her only connection to God’s Word:

My name is Valbona and I live in a small village in Albania. It is a very traditional Muslim area and I live with my husband’s parents. I take care of them, as well as my three daughters. Because of the hard life and difficult economy, my husband has been out of the country for most of our married life, and so I take care of the family on my own. I work in the fields, take care of the girls and their school progress, and I do all the home chores.

Recently, I was given a radio so I could listen to Christian programs while I am working in the fields. I’m so happy that I can listen to the Word of God on the radio. I cannot attend church, but now the radio has brought the church into my family. I’m learning so much about Jesus through the Guidelines For Living and Reset programs. I can understand now why Christian women live a free life because Jesus has freed them in their spirit and mind.

Thank you for such wonderful programs. Thank you for showing me how worthy I am in the eyes of our dear Lord Jesus. One program that touched me was called “The Way to a Free Life.” I know that Jesus is that way. He has freed me from the strings of Muslim spirit, and from its darkness. Thank you for being a light for me every day!

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