New Languages in 2021

God is calling you into a bold new vision this year.

Be part of expanding his kingdom farther and deeper.

In Southeast Asia where hundreds of minority ethnic languages are spoken, many don’t have access to the Gospel because it hasn’t been preached in their language.

First, we have the opportunity to share Jesus through the translation of Guidelines devotionals into Thai, a primary language that will reach up to 44 million people in Thailand. 

But that’s just the beginning. Thai is a gateway language. Once translated, it becomes a stepping stone to translate into other minority ethnic languages.

This opens the door to translate our devotionals into Isan, a minority ethnic language spoken by 22 million people in Northeastern Thailand.

Across the world in the Middle East, you can help reach deeper into the hearts of people in search of God. In Mardin, Turkey, where we already broadcast in 3 languages, you can help us translate the hope of Jesus into Syriac. With ongoing conflicts and a refugee crisis, these devotionals can reach up to 1 million Syriac speakers in Turkey, Iraq, and Syria with the peace of Christ.

This year, let’s go further across Southeast Asia and deeper into the Middle East by translating and broadcasting Guidelines devotionals into Thai, Isan and Syriac.

God’s call to all of us is clear and He is moving. Will you join us in moving with God? Donate monthly so people will always have access to the hope of Jesus.

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