The Story of Guidelines: An Adventure 60 Years in the Making

As we celebrated our 60th anniversary in September 2023, we were delighted and surprised to be featured by NRB, the largest association of Christian Communicators in the world. Being recognized by such an influential and impactful organization within the body of Christ was indeed humbling. The wisdom, the power, and the glory truly all belong to God!  He has authored Guidelines’ story, brought partners together from across the world, forged deep friendships, and reaped a harvest of souls among the most unreached nations.

We could have never envisioned the impact Guidelines has today, nor could we have achieved it in our own strength. Discipleship materials, written by humble hands and saturated in prayer, are now broadcast in 25 languages across 145 countries worldwide. The simple, practical truths of Scripture that mentored us are now shepherding millions more.

This is what occurs when we align our lives with God’s timeless words, embrace His passionate mission, and allow His exquisite creative power to work through us. May we continue to do so as Jesus faithfully teaches and guides each of us. For each person involved with Guidelines, knowing Jesus every step of this journey has been our great adventure. Until all come to know Him!

You can read NRB’s feature article on Guidelines below:

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