40 Unstoppable Women Who Changed the World


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Meet forty women who model the Proverbs 31 woman. In these pages, Dr. Harold Sala talks about courage, forgiveness, love, sacrifice, and compassion through the lives of these brave women who changed the world. Prepare to be inspired by — • The lawyer who faced her assassin and lived to tell about it • The missionary who was held hostage by terrorists for a year • The nun who loved the poor and the weak until the end of her days • The watchmaker’s daughter who survived captivity during World War 2 • The seamstress who fought for her rights and launched a movement • The doctor healed by God who is making a difference in the lives of thousands . . . and many more! While many women choose to stay silent, there are those who speak up and stand out. Defying the conventions of society and culture, they blaze their own trail in their unique adventures of faith. Discover what it takes to be truly unstoppable.