Getting Acquainted with the Holy Spirit


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There are Christians who seem to be shielded from the fiery darts of the enemy. They rise above their difficult situations, calm in the midst of challenges, always trusting in God. And then there’s you. You often find yourself discouraged. Fears weaken you; temptations easily lure you. Feeling more defeated than victorious, you wonder, “After so many years of being a Christian, why am I still struggling with the same issues? Is there something missing in my life? It’s about time you get better acquainted with the Holy Spirit Discover how the third Person of the Trinity can purify your heart, refine your character, and empower your life. In this book, Dr. Harold Sala explains:
  • The Person and Character of the Holy Spirit
  • The Work of the Holy Spirit in a Believer’s Life
  • Ways to Live and Walk in the Spirit
  • How to Have a Life-changing Encounter with the Holy Spirit
Scholarly without being overly academic, personal and at the same time practical, this book will help you experience the Holy Spirit’s awesome presence and life-changing power in your life.