Together Forever Premarital Counseling Mentor’s Guide

A couple preparing for marriage is filled with excitement as they make ready for their big wedding day. This program is designed to help a couple prepare for a BIG MARRIAGE. As the engaged couple works through the 6-sessions in the corresponding Together Forever ~ God’s Design For Marriage Premarital Counseling Workbooks, this Mentor’s Guide will provide a mature Christian married couple with all the tools and guidance necessary to come beside them to share the blueprint for God’s design for marriage. Each question is designed to teach a specific principle or practice. The Mentor’s Guide will provide detailed information to share including fun exercises and meaningful activities for the engaged couple to do between sessions. This Mentor’s Guide, together with the wisdom you have gained from your own life experiences, will equip you to share God’s love in a couple-to-couple way that will give engaged couple’s a gift that will last a lifetime ~ God’s design for marriage! Contact Marriage by God to request a Free download of the E-Book, or Purchase the Paper-Back at Amazon.