Guidelines is a Christian ministry that began in 1963 in response to Harold and Darlene Sala’s desire to introduce the Gospel to men and women where they were. The ministry communicates the message of Jesus Christ in such a manner that men and women come to faith in the Lord and believers are discipled and strengthened.

Guidelines began with the program, Guidelines: A 5-Minute Commentary on Living, which was the first 5-minute Christian radio program and is the longest running, having been on air 5 days per week continuously for 50 years. That’s over 13,000 broadcasts!  Dr. Sala has also been a prolific writer. He’s authored over 50 books. Radio and publications continue to be the backbone of the ministry’s outreach. However, we are adapting to new technologies as we continue to reach, teach, and touch people with the message of the Gospel around the world. For more information about Guidelines’ mission visit our Our Work page, and for more on our history visit our History page.

The daily transcripts of the radio programs are available by download here in audio and print. Subscribers worldwide can also receive the E-commentaries, a digital print version of the radio program, from Monday to Friday. Sign up here.