Rejected, But Found in Jesus

My name is Sandugash and I’m from Kazakhstan. I am not married and I work at a store. When I was only about 6-years-old I overheard terrible things being said about me and that I should not have been born in the first place because I was a girl. I don’t remember much of who was talking about it. However, I vividly remember my mother being there and not saying anything. I never got over those comments and I always felt like a mistake, not worth living. For all my life, I have just existed and not really lived. I would always hope that I would not wake up in the morning. I have carried this sense of myself all my life and I had no one to share this with. But then I heard your message. Your broadcast about God’s plan for each one of us was very encouraging to me. It told me to have hope in God’s plan and to seek Him in my life. I guess, God has a good plan for me as well. Thank you!

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