Discover How Big God Is


One of the universe’s most beautiful galaxies as seen from earth is called the Sombrero galaxy. This very bright heavenly mass got its interesting name from its resemblance to a broad-rimmed Mexican hat.  Data from the Hubble Telescope has determined that it’s actually a massive object equivalent to 800 billion suns. If you wanted to travel from one side to the other of the Sombrero Galaxy, it would take you 50,000 years—if you were traveling at the speed of light.[1]

Our minds have trouble wrapping themselves around anything of such large dimensions. But even if we can’t truly grasp how many 800 billion suns are, just trying to understand is good for us because the effort enlarges our concept of how big God is. If God made the heavens, He must be bigger and greater and superior to anything He has made, right? Does it not follow, then, that He must be bigger than that problem you’re facing in your life right now? Keep that concept in mind as you talk to God about that hopeless-to-you situation you’re dealing with.

The last Psalm in the Bible begins with these words: “By the word of the Lord were the heavens made, and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth” (Psalm 150:1).  Probably the best book we could study along with our Bibles is an astronomy book.  Even a glimpse of how big our God is makes trusting Him easier.

Today maybe you could check out a book on astronomy at your local library. Or, search the Internet on the size of the universe. If you do, I can pretty well guarantee that your faith in God will grow.