Start Letting God Heal Your Past


Rachel grew up in a terribly abusive home.  Beatings, and burnings, threats, slave labor, family members sending her to men for sexual favors to repay their gambling debts—Rachel endured all these and more.

Rachel’s story, however, has an amazing ending. Thanks to a Christian woman who took her into her own home and shared the love of Jesus with her, Rachel’s life was transformed. Today she is a pastor’s wife who ministers to needy women who have endured similar trauma.

I asked Rachel what helped her recover from the fear of death and darkness than descended on her because of the horrors of her young life. Here are the steps she took:

First, she got a Bible promise book and wrote out every verse that spoke to her heart.     Second, she kept a journal writing down thoughts, feelings and scripture that was meaningful to her situation.

Third, she printed out scripture promises and hung them all around the house.

And, fourth, every time there was a Bible study, she was there.

Was her healing instant? No, far from it. Rachel recalled, “There were times that I would cry out, ‘Lord, Your Word says that You have “not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind [2 Timothy 1:7].” I feel like I am going insane.'” Soon she would feel that she was okay.

But in a short time the wave of fear would again engulf her. Again, she would cry out to the Lord, read the scriptures on the walls around her and say, “Lord, help me to bring my fearful thoughts into subjection to You.” It was literally a moment by moment battle—altogether, a year-long process, but eventually the healing was complete.

And God’s Word can do the same thing for you.