This Is Why You Should Live For Now

Date: October 16, 2023

When my Uncle Phil passed away with cancer, it was very difficult for my aunt, Margaret, for they had been so happily married for nearly 60 years. They had done everything together.

The following year Margaret’s friend also watched her husband lose the battle to cancer. Margaret wrote the following to her:

I remember those days. They are hard. You know what is happening but it seems unreal because you are still living daily life.  And you survive by doing just that–living daily life.

While Ralph is here give and receive lots of hugs and kisses, remember together lots of good experiences, say everything you need to say.  We always knew we were good partners and we spoke of it often, thanking God.

Now I wish I had looked him in the eyes a few more times and said directly, “You have been a wonderful husband!”  I know he knew that was how I felt, so it isn’t a painful regret.  But I would like to remember saying that very clearly to him once again.

Also, I think they need to know that we will be OK after they have gone. Twice Phil asked me if I would be OK. I replied, “I won’t like it one bit. But I will be OK. The Lord and the girls will take care of me.” And that has proven to be true.

I will be praying as you offer your precious one to the Lord with thanksgiving and praise.  It is just one step at a time. A pat on the cheek.  A kiss.  A smile and a tease. Just live NOW.  Don’t think about what is next.  When you get to “next,” God will still be there.

With the Psalmist Margaret would say, “The Lord has become my fortress, and my God the rock in whom I take refuge” (Psalm 94:22).