When Nothing Seems To Be Happening

Date: March 11, 2024

Posting on Facebook as “She Writes for Jesus,” the anonymous author notes how quickly time flies by. She says,

Maybe some people have done a lot of things in the last 6 months—some started a business, some got married…, some traveled, and some have been very active in their ministry. And maybe you felt like you were just watching them while you are still in the same place as you were when this year started. And you can’t help but feel a little left behind. [1]

So, is it okay for you to be in a season of life when everything is moving slowly? Absolutely yes. Almost all of us go through times when nothing important seems to be happening and life seems a bit boring and dull. That happened to me shortly after we moved to the Philippines. While my husband was very busy recording radio programs and speaking to groups all over the country, those kinds of opportunities didn’t open up for me.  I felt guilty that people were supporting us financially as missionaries, and I was not as involved “working for the Lord” as I thought I should be. So, I decided to use my time to do in-depth Bible study until other doors opened. After about three months those doors did open, and I was extremely busy in speaking, writing, etc., etc.  I was so thankful for that period of study, as the notes I made during that time became chapters in books, ideas for messages, and source material for radio programs.

As the Psalmist wrote, “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart’s desires. Commit everything you do to the LORD. Trust him, and he will help you” (Psalm 37:4,5 NLT). It’s a promise!

[1] From the Facebook blog “She Writes for Jesus,” reposted by Maricar Alvarez, June 4, 2023