Super Typhoons and Salvation In A Suitcase

Radio is the primary form of communication in most developing countries and the most effective source of information during natural disasters and war. That’s why it is essential we utilize it to serve communities in crisis as we reach every corner of the earth with the love of Jesus. 

This month we’re looking at both the role of radio in global emergencies and the mysterious ways God works through His people reaching out to help others in trouble.

The Philippines

In 2013, Super Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines with devastating force, killing at least 6,300 people and leaving 11 million people homeless. The city of Tacloban was destroyed. With infrastructure completely gone, the environment was chaotic in the weeks and months after the storm.

Guidelines happened to have radio equipment–a “radio station in a suitcase” already in the Philippines, which was quickly rerouted to Tacloban. Within a day, our partner ministry partner, FEBC, used the equipment to set up a First Response Radio station. Broadcasting from a makeshift tent of tarps on what was left of the damaged city hall roof, the station gave out critical life-saving information on where to find water, food, and surviving loved ones. The station also shared messages of hope with its grieving, panic-struck listeners, using loudspeakers and distributing solar and wind-up radios to the community. Over the next several months, the radio station continued to broadcast valuable information. The station proved to be so helpful that the government decided to grant a license for a permanent, Christian radio station in Tacloban. In partnership with FEBC and other organizations, Guidelines helped this new radio station become a symbol of rebirth for Tacloban as it continues to broadcast messages of hope, community programs, and, of course, Guidelines devotionals. Guidelines has been uniquely positioned to empower and equip believers on the ground in emergency situations by developing both the crisis technology and translated resources. Today we continue to work with pioneering followers of Christ in remote, hostile, and developing regions. Through your prayers and giving, we’re able to offer them practical support from the global body of Christ- the tools needed to reach their country with the love of Jesus!  When all other hope fails, this remains: Our eternal hope in Christ, faithful to the end! Please continue to pray that God would strategically guide our work, enabling us to serve communities in crisis.  If you would like to give toward a translation project or the development of crisis resources, click here.

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