A 100-Year-Old Tool Still Delivers Life-Changing Hope

Though some may think it’s obsolete, without this tool millions would never know the transformational power of the gospel.

About 44,000 radio stations broadcast to approximately 5 billion people, representing 65% of the world population. Utilizing radio to teach the message of Jesus Christ is vital to spreading the gospel. Gone are the days when people had to pass information by word of mouth. However, not everyone in rural areas can rely on the internet or television for information.

Shortwave receivers, used in radios, have a massive range. They can be received hundreds of miles from their transmitter, while the transmissions can travel through countries, mountain ranges, and oceans. It is often the only communication tool for rural areas, from nomadic herders in Mongolia to villagers in the mountains of Nepal.

Believers in Jesus living in areas of persecution especially rely on radio to provide access to desperately needed biblical teachings. For many of these believers, it is their only connection to a Christian community as they listen in secret. In many ways, the radio has become a missionary reaching into homes, delivering the gospel message.

Supporters of Guidelines know the importance of bringing this message of hope through radio where other technologies can’t reach and where people are oral learners. As radio continues to reach the new believer, the unreached, and the persecuted with Jesus’s love, they can continue to grow and walk in their faith, knowing they are not alone.

You have the opportunity to reach a worldwide audience with the love of Jesus Christ. With your gift today, you can keep radio messages transmitting in other languages for those living in the most remote, unreached places. Let’s not forget the impact radio can have in spreading the gospel message.

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