What Does a Pastor in Ukraine Do During War?

Guidelines has worked with Pastor Alexander Moseychuk since the early 1990s.
Here is his report from his Help to Survive Ministry, April 2023

I’m Alexander Moseychuk, pastor of the New Life Church, Bakhmut city, Ukraine.  I am in the center of all military events, and there is a lot of grief and need here. Every day, hundreds of people are waiting for a kind word and a good deed from me. I am divided between all this grief. I pray the prayer, “Our Father, Thy Kingdom come” in every heart and in every family.

Ministering in Many Ways:

Pastor Alex Shares Stories

God’s Protection from Death:

Once one pastor and I visited the military guys not far from the front line. We brought them what they needed, had good fellowship with God, and prayed together. This meeting was indoors. The soldiers had to go on a mission so we said goodbye. They got into their car, and we got into ours. Suddenly the shelling began. One hit was not far from their car. We froze, sitting in the car. Suddenly the next hit was not far from our car. We prayed. The shelling ended. The soldiers got out of the car and said: “Thank you very much for being with us. It was only God who saved us. Now we will trust only in the Lord.” Praise God!

The Orthodox Priest:

One day we came to the village of Andreievka with our mission. People listened to the Gospel with joy, took New Testaments and received food. In this village there is an Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. An Orthodox priest found out about our meeting, he was very indignant that people came to listen to the preaching of the gospel from evangelical believers and began to accuse people that they had betrayed the Orthodox faith. He began to intimidate people by saying that he will not bury people according to Orthodox customs when people turn to him.

Surprisingly, people were not afraid and told him the following: a war has been going on for a whole year, but your Church has not provided us with any help, and evangelical believers come to us with a kind word and a good deed. If you do not bury us, then we will turn to pastor Alexander and he will bury us.

The priest ceased to be indignant, and we come to this village, preach the gospel and see how the words of Christ come true: “So let your light shine before people, so that they, seeing your good deeds, glorify your Father in heaven.” Matt. 5:16