What is the difference between the God of the Bible and the god of the Quran?

The Means of Salvation
The god of Islam requires man to reach up to him with no assurance of salvation. Muslims are expected to earn their salvation through good deeds, as defined by Islam. These good deeds must outweigh evil deeds during their lifetime. Any assurance a Muslim has for salvation rests in their belief that they were a good person.

As believers, all our confidence is in Jesus and His perfect sacrifice on our behalf! The God of the Bible reaches down in loving pursuit of people, promising salvation to all who put their hope in Him! This is why millions of Muslims turn to Jesus, despite the persecution they face for their newfound faith. 

Listen to Rabia tell how she discovered the transformative love of Jesus as a Muslim in Turkey.

The Problem of Sin
Islam treats good deeds like spiritual currency. Earn enough credit through good deeds, and your evil deeds will be ok. As long as the good outweighs the bad! According to the Bible, sin isn’t something that can be counterbalanced in our lives by good deeds. “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). Instead, we need a Savior! We need forgiveness for all our sins, and we need new hearts, which is precisely what Christ gives us when we believe in Hhim (Ezekiel 36:26).

God as a Father
The god of Islam has 99 different names, but none of them depict him as a father. To Muslims, the idea of God reaching down to humanity in love, taking on human flesh to empathize with us, saving us, and bringing us near to Him, is unfathomable. To imagine oneself as the loved child of a God willing to pay the price for our sin in His own body is unthinkable for a Muslim! So, the gospel is a message of unrivaled freedom, hope, and unconditional love for Muslims. This is why it is called the “Good News!” 

Listen to Rabia tell how she discovered the transformative love of Jesus as a Muslim in Turkey. 

For many Muslims, questions about how to reach God, doubts about Islamic teachings, and a sense of futility are the start of their search for truth. Our partners shared the story of two young Muslim girls in North Africa looking for a different image of God than the one they saw depicted in Islam. They began leaving letters to God on the roof of their house, daring to reach for a loving God offering real hope. Soon after, they listened to a 3-minute radio program introducing Jesus. Profoundly impacted, they eagerly began discipleship to learn more about the God they had longed for before knowing His name. God had planted the desire for Him in their hearts before they had ever heard the name of Jesus! 

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