How God is Changing Lives Around the World

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The Journey To Christ For The Unreached

Muslims Seeking Jesus: The Journey Muslims seeking Christ face a world of challenges and threats. The decision cannot be considered independently from the rest of …

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Ears Can’t Hear If Hearts Aren’t Engaged

The essence of the gospel is that while we were far from God, alienated in our sin and rebellion, He came near to us in …

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Kanat’s Story

Here’s how Kanat said he is helped by Guidelines devotionals: “I had a real anger problem, so much so that some blood vessels in my …

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Khadicha’s Story

Here’s how Khadicha, age 36,  said she is helped by Guidelines devotionals: “I married early in life, not knowing that my husband had a relationship …

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Merry Christmas from Guidelines


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Why Monthly Giving Matters

How can you have the greatest impact for the kingdom of God? You can carry out Jesus’ final words on earth – “Go and make …

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American Prisoners Find Redemption in Bible Studies

In addition to daily devotionals that are available to read or listen to, Guidelines also provides downloadable Bible studies. These Christian resources are freely available, …

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