How God is Changing Lives Around the World

Get updates on how lives are being transformed around the world.

The Story of Guidelines: An Adventure 60 Years in the Making

Guidelines is featured in the NRB’s Member Spotlight for the month of October! NRB is a nonpartisan, international association of Christian communicators whose member organizations ...
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Your Impact: Redeemed Lives!

Jesus’s action plan for His disciples was to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, ...
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What Persecuted Christians Want Most From You

Estimates say that over three billion people today have little to no knowledge of Jesus and have never heard the Good News. These same people ...
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Your Impact in 2022: Living On Mission

As we approach Thanksgiving, our hearts overflow with gratitude as we reflect on the past year. You are helping complete the Great Commission! We’ve never seen that ...
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The Risk of Losing Everything

There are very few things in life that cost us everything. And even fewer that are worth it. But knowing Jesus IS to know life ...
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The Good News that Transforms Lives

Throughout much of the Muslim world, women are powerless and trapped in societies structured to limit their freedom. What good news could there be for ...
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The Journey To Christ For The Unreached

Muslims Seeking Jesus: The Journey Muslims seeking Christ face a world of challenges and threats. The decision cannot be considered independently from the rest of ...
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