How God is Changing Lives Around the World

Get updates on how lives are being transformed around the world.

The Risk of Losing Everything

There are very few things in life that cost us everything. And even fewer that are worth it. But knowing Jesus IS to know life and life abundant, making it worth absolutely anything and everything. 

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Why Monthly Giving Matters

How can you have the greatest impact for the kingdom of God? You can carry out Jesus’ final words on earth – “Go and make …

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American Prisoners Find Redemption in Bible Studies

In addition to daily devotionals that are available to read or listen to, Guidelines also provides downloadable Bible studies. These Christian resources are freely available, …

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Devotionals Strengthen Missionary to Muslims

After Albania went from communist, atheist rule to a democracy in 1990, Mirlinda became one of the first Christians in the country. It wasn’t easy …

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New Languages in 2021

This year, let’s go further across Southeast Asia and deeper into the Middle East by translating and broadcasting Guidelines devotionals into Thai, Isan and Syriac.

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Free Devotionals and Bible Studies

Devotionals You Can Read or Listen to: Guidelines For Living with Harold Sala is a 5-minute daily devotional that shares the simple and practical wisdom …

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Hope on a Hospital Bed

Imagine being in the hospital this year, desperately ill with COVID-19, and far away from your home. That’s where Ana, an Albanian listener in Italy …

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