What is the Great Commission?

Here at Guidelines, we often refer to the Great Commission as a crucial part of our mandate and mission. So what exactly is the Great Commission? You won’t find this specific term in Scripture. While most believe a Dutch missionary first used it in the 1600s, J. Hudson Taylor, one of the most influential pioneering …

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Radio (Still) Reaches Them

In today’s technologically advanced world of the internet, smartphones, and artificial intelligence, radio may seem like an outdated medium. But this tool has been one of the most significant means of advancing the Gospel. It continues to be effective today. Radio was revolutionary because it allowed messages to be broadcast instantly to masses of people …

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Guidelines Grows!

We are very happy to welcome Steven Ma to the Guidelines Team!

Joining us as Director of Marketing, Steven brings missions, web design and non-profit marketing expertise  to the challenge of bringing the Hope of the Gospel in new ways.

Dr. Sala & Bonnie Sala Speak with Dan Wooding of ASSIST

Guidelines’ founder Dr. Sala and Guidelines’ president Bonnie Sala recently joined Dan Wooding, founder of ASSIST New Service on Dan’s weekly radio program, Front Line Radio. You can listen to the interview here!      

Why Radio is So Effective!

One radio can touch many lives. In many areas of the world, a radio is considered a prized possession. And in places like these, a single radio is often shared by as many as 25 people. Radio is safe. In places where persecution, geographical barriers, and cultural biases prevent people from attending church, radio provides …

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