The Risk of Losing Everything

There are very few things in life that cost us everything. And even fewer that are worth it. But knowing Jesus IS to know life and life abundant, making it worth absolutely anything and everything. 

Khadicha’s Story

Here’s how Khadicha, age 36,  said she is helped by Guidelines devotionals: “I married early in life, not knowing that my husband had a relationship with another woman and a child with her. When I asked why he lied to me about the other relationship, he simply said that his parents did not approve of …

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Kanat’s Story

Here’s how Kanat said he is helped by Guidelines devotionals: “I had a real anger problem, so much so that some blood vessels in my head burst. This eventually made me almost blind. My family could not handle me and left. I became suicidal. Well, I found out that there is a God. He has …

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Hope on a Hospital Bed

Imagine being in the hospital this year, desperately ill with COVID-19, and far away from your home. That’s where Ana, an Albanian listener in Italy who heard Guidelines devotionals through internet broadcasting, found herself. This year, those devotionals have been more important than ever to people around the world.  Ana wrote and said:  “I had …

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